Adrianno Karro

Racing in Car - an Android game

The game Racing in Car for Android has quickly climbed the charts of Google Play in a few weeks with over 1 million downloads and because of his popularity, I decided to try it myself and I can't say that I was disappointed or something, I was quite impressed and for this reason I decided to create a small review about it.

Racing in Car is a racing game as the name suggests, endless type. There are many other games of this kind that had great success on this market, such as Traffic Racer, a game that at the time being is still popular - see best details.

Unlike Traffic Racer, Racing in Car lacks many components such as landscaped, the variety of cars available to drive, but it has some features that make it exciting like driving a car from the driver position - click to see.

The graphic of the game is quite angular and lacks details, but it seems that the producers have tried only to make a medium game, but as you all know in the details stands the quality. One thing that I really hate about this game is the fact that the speedometer needles and tachometer needless are practically dead - even though I have managed to reach 150 km/h with the car, those needless didn't move, I have seen my speed at the end of the race when the game shows your results - check out results.

The controls are touch type for brake and accelerator and the left and right is controlled by the accelerometer. Unfortunately, the default controls are imposed and they can't be changed.

In conclusion the game is good enough to be noticed and to make you download it, but not so extraordinary as we would have liked. From what I see, the game is unfinished and I can bet that the producers have some plans for improvement - at least they should have. Soon we will see some updates that will bring more cars and streets, maybe even better graphic details like reflections in the mirrors. Oh well, until then now it's a good game to kill some time.